A Motorcycle Was Driving Between Lanes That Caused My Accident

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A Motorcycle Was Driving Between That Caused My Accident

For many drivers, there are few things more frustrating than a traffic jam. There are much better things that you could be doing with your time. Many people in this situation wish that flying cars were already invented, so you could just fly over the traffic and be on your way. Others are tempted to pull into the shoulder and go off-roading to get around the delay.

Motorcyclists have a different way to solve the problem. It is called lane splitting, a tactic in which motorcyclists don't drive around the long lines of traffic. Instead, they drive in between the lanes and cut right through the stationary or slow moving lanes of vehicles. While this can certainly cut down on your commute time, it can also be dangerous for the motorcyclists as well as the vehicles that they are driving past.

Is Lane Splitting Legal?

In many states, lane splitting is a legal traffic maneuver. However, in the state of Tennessee, lane splitting is not. Tennessee Codes 55-8-182(b) and 55-8-182(c) speak directly to motorcycle safety as it pertains to lane splitting. According to section (b) a motorcyclist shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken. Section (c) adds a little more clarity to this law, stating that: no driver shall operate their motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lanes or rows of vehicles.

Accidents Happen

The reason that lane splitting is outlawed in Tennessee is that it can be dangerous to everyone on the road. There isn't much room to operate in between lanes to begin with, and a sudden lane change can leave the motorcyclists with nowhere to go. That's why in the state of Tennessee, an accident involving a motorcyclist who is lane splitting is often the fault of motorcyclist.

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